Alt Bomontiada (Alt art Space Presents)

Alt art space presents four one-person exhibitions: Mounira Al Solh, Andreas Angelidakis, Brian Eno and Michelle Lopez. The overarching theme for the first year of Alt is Authorship. The 2015-2016 season at Alt is investigating the many ways in art that authorship, through such modes as appropriation, re-contextualization, sampling, re-purposing can be empowering and support multiple voices to be heard. The second set of one-person exhibitions opening on April 13, Mounira Al Solh, titled I Strongly Believe in Our Right to Be Frivolous, guest curated by Öykü Özsoy; Andreas Angelidakis titled Soft Ruin; Brian Eno, titled The Ship; and Michelle Lopez, titled Invisible Object, considers issues of authorship as well as causes and effects of conflict.

Guest-curated by Öykü Özsoy, Mounira Al Solh’s exhibition I Strongly Believe in Our Right to Be Frivolous will include new drawings, two installations, a single-channel video titled À la Santé des Alliés [To the Health of Allies], 2015. Al Solh focuses on the physical and mental effects of immigration, as well as socio-political and religious conflicts of her home country, Lebanon, with a realistic approach that simultaneously takes on a fictional, even fantastical dimension.

Andreas Angelidakis’ sculptural installation Soft Ruin, 2006 and single-channel video, Building an Electronic Ruin, 2011, translate Alois Riegl’s idea of "age value" into the now out-dated online life-simulation game, Second Life, in which Angelidakis builds ruins. In Soft Ruin, the artist offers soft life-size versions of these ruins that can be mediated in real-life--sat on and are easy to move around. Both works address the convertability of analog and digital worlds and the potential for both creation and destruction.

Found or appropriated, high-quality or lo-fi, sounds form the basis of Brian Eno’s light and sound installation The Ship, 2014. Taking RMS Titanic, which sank on April 12, 1912, as its departure point, The Ship reflects on failure, loss and conflict, and becomes what artist calls "an analogy to the approach to the First World War." In this case, Brian Eno expands on the approach he used in Music for Airports, 1978, a record designed to calm air passengers against fears of crashing, which was created by layering tape loops of differing lengths to create an audio-picture. This work reflects on techniques of mass behavior modification, as well as our current global condition.

Michelle Lopez’s  installation Halyard, 2015, is a silver pole that extends from the floor to the ceiling. A rope brushes against the cleat of the pole, while the sound of a huge flag flapping in the air is audible above. Lopez problematizes the most prominent of national symbols, the flag, with Halyard, examining the artificiality of nations, or "imagined communities." [1.] The work takes on a special meaning at Alt, given the fact that Bomonti Beer Factory was nationalized during the first years of the republic in order to create a "national economy."

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