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PRIVATE provides art advisory services to help collectors create exemplary collections and art enthusiasts to start collecting.’s preemptive approach in this matter is to distinguish the collector’s aims, aesthetic preferences, “investment” capacities and usable budget to draw an according road map. Since we consider of utmost importance the uniqueness and character of each collection, we aim for our selections to reflect the lifestyle, work life, personal taste and interests of our collectors.

For those who would like to take the step to start a collection,’s “Art Advisory” services are not limited to acquiring artworks into the collection but include helping the collector discover their tastes and build their collections correctly and qualitatively. Our professional team is also on hand to diligently package, transport, exhibit and archive the works.

Today more international art fairs, gallery shows, biennales and museum shows are organized than ever before. As a professional team we are close followers of art movements, emerging artists and trends. Our attentiveness to the dynamism of the art world allows our collectors to have quality time with art in the midst of their busy schedules.






Besides private collections, we also provide services for institutional and corporate collections. It is our wish that every accommodating spot of the spaces in which we live, work and breathe in our daily lives showcase a piece of art. Let us not forget in the daily bustle that we are alive. Be it the corner of an office or a hospital corridor, a hotel where we vacation, the hallway of a plaza as we wait for the elevator, or the wall of a restaurant behind the waiter serving us at a business dinner…

In bringing our art advisory specialty into public spaces, we curate your collections step by step with regard for the aesthetic tastes, corporate mission, and budget priorities of you and your employees in spaces such as offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more.

For more information, seek an appointment with our art advisor.


Telephone: 0(212) 225 63 26

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