Threshold of Forgetting (Çağrı Saray 2 March - 8 April)

Threshold of Forgetting 
Pilot is pleased to present Çağrı Saray’s solo exhibition entitled “Threshold of Forgetting” between March 2 and April 8, 2017. Saray seeks for the root of permanence in Turkey’s sites of collective memory: Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul University, Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, AKM, Haydarpaşa Terminal and Sansaryan Han have become the subjects of Saray’s drawings.
Saray’s drawings points out to a call for the preservation of memory while his discontinuous lines stress its loss. Preserving memory, setting up archives and remembering anniversaries require effort and repetition. Memory creates rituals. It relocates moments / spaces that are of the past into the ‘now’. The spaces are fixed as places we can’t easily settle into yet have a deep connection with and are detached enough to archive. 
In the series Threshold of Forgetting, Saray proposes to re-examine sites of memory that have become monumentalized images. These images appear as the representation of a power struggle. He marks on an imaginary map the focused areas of the struggle between the ones that will be left for history and the ones that will be destroyed. Saray's map is inspired by psychogeography as a way of experiencing the city. Referring to the effects of urban environments on the emotions and behavior of the individual, the term psychogeography was proposed by the Situationist International in the 1950s. It proposes to 'promenade' aimlessly in order to escape the restricting sides of the city, as to be able to have unexpected encounters and thus to be open to emotions. In this sense, psychogeographic maps repeatedly redefine an activity space based on creative emotion to unearth the unseen potential within it.
Born in Istanbul in 1979, Çağrı Saray lives and works in Istanbul. He received his BFA and MFA in Painting from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Art. He is now an Associate Professor at the same department. 
He has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions including: Diminishing Time (2015), Outsider (2014), Grey Corridor (2013), Waiting Room (2009), Red Room (2007), Memory Boxes-1 (2001). He has taken part in group shows in China, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain and in venues including Project 4L, Pera Museum, Baksı Museum, China Art Academy, Borusan Sanat, Kasa Galery.



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