Zulal Ulusan Picked for You

Ülgen Semerci - MANZARABI chose this work because she makes use of the back side of the canvas instead of the front. It tells me we shouldn't be afraid of that which is different, we shouldn't seek beauty only in common places.

Sena - ŞİFACI Sena's use of women as an element in her works is for me a reason to chose this work. The stains in this one tell me of a healer who is partially wounded but continues to work. Just like how women, even when they get hurt, continue with their duties and responsibilities concerning being a woman.

Eylül Ceren Ersöz - İSİMSİZ I like the fact that Eylül's works are based on people or events which were either politically influential or were directly influenced by politics. It's a striking paradox that she prefers to call her works “untitled” when they depict figures most of whom are well known.

Ali Şentürk - ANNE BENİ PENTÜR TEKNİĞİ İLE ANLA I like it very much that Ali addresses with an ironic language a common problem experienced by artists in our country. The title of this work and that it's based on Ali and his mother are reasons enough for me to choose this work.  

Ahmet Rüstem Ekici - GİDENLER This work addresses in a disturbing and colorful manner the refugee issue, which is a striking and bitter reality and it is not that unlikely for us to experience it first-hand considering where we live.  

Erdal İnci - İSTİKLAL CADDESİ Erdal has a unique visual language of his own; you know whose work it is without needing to see the signature. I chose “Istiklal Street” as it's quite a symbolic street; a central place for the city. This video shows a new year's celebration, which we unfortunately have long forgotten.  

Özge Topçu - KÜMES 1 This work by Özge, which is made of wire scouring pads reminds me how our addictions surround us like a cage and enslave us.  

Hayal İncedoğan - BİR İHTİMAL DAHA VAR  This work tells me plainly that there's always another possibility and that we should never lose our hope.

Selin Balcı - ARENA Selin's works utilize an enchanting technique. She creates her forms and colors simply by using mold. I chose this particular work because of its colors.

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