Berna Akçalı Gür selected for you

Selin Balcı - LAND

I had encountered Selin Balcı’s works at the ’40 Metre 4 Duvar 8 Küp (40 Meters 4 Walls 8 Cubes)’ exhibition organized by artnivo as a parallel event of the 14th Istanbul Biennial. My liking of the works that first drew my attention visually, increased upon finding out that she used living organisms as her medium. I can argue that I obtained information about bio-art for the first time after I met the works of this artist. I chose this work among her works that I all like individually because I feel the sensitivity for the decrease of natural habitats as a result of the environmental disasters that we have caused as humans.


Ali Şentürk is an artist I have been following for a while. I find his social sensitivity, his sincerity and his ability to use different mediums very comfortably and skilfully, very impressive. In this work that I have chosen, I read different stories in different layers within just one frame. I also found it very creative that he tells the story of a woman who is not in the frame through the man who is. I believe that it should totally take place in a collection that follows this theme.

Onur Hastürk - ASTROLOGY SERIES II, Aries

I had seen the miniature works that Onur Hastürk made on Starbucks coffee pots, at Mamut Art Project in 2016. I had particularly liked the works that he made using astrological symbols he found in a historical book. It was an in-depth work about the contradiction and harmony of the concepts of Eastern traditions and westernization and their ongoing dialectic relationship.


I met the works of Basako through artnivo. I believe that the power and beauty of her works are parallel to their simplicity. I think that in this work I have chosen, the artist asks us deep questions about the concepts of parts- whole and uniformity- diversity. Especially, I believe that it will draw attention of the art lovers who are interested in the concepts of space and identity like me.