Burcu Acartürk Yıldız selected for you

Volkan Kızıltunç - Woman in the Lake

The first of the works that I selected for artnivo is the photograph that was created by Volkan Kızıltunç and that is an excerpt of the life of urban people in nature. Although photography is defined as the art of making the reality visible and understandable; this work that I chose, made me feel curious on reaching the thoughts and emotions of the women in the photograph and to go beyond the visible instead of making visible. The curiosity aroused by this work has been the main factor in my choice.

Elçin Ekinci - Endless Columns Heightening in to the Sky Turbans Memorial No.1

This work of Elçin Ekinci reminded me of my university years… When going out of Beyazıt Campus and heading towards Eminönü, I used to stand in front of the tomb stones that I encounter and try to guess the position, social status and ambitions of that person by looking at quilted turbans that symbolized one’s existence in Ottoman Empire. What impressed me in this work of Elçin Ekinci’s, has been how column with quilted turbans present us the human ambitions from local history with a symbolic irony. The artist makes us confront the traces of life over death in cultural memory and death as a reality, by putting one quilted turban over the other and therefore forming a tomb stone.

Özge Enginöz - Happiness

The main reason why I chose this painting where Özge Enginöz describes a family photograph, is both the originality of the painting and the philosophical dimension of the subject. The work that emphasizes the beginning of an individual’s alienation process since childhood years in the family; narrates that the individual being unable to express his/her existence with free will, turns into an unhappy person in time. The artist takes a critical approach by giving the title of “Happiness” to this work.