Neslihan Karaağaç selected for you

While I was creating the second leg of my own collection, I set out with young Turkish artists. While I was collecting works that appealed to my eyes only at the beginning, I became conscious and informed over time. I put the thoughts of the artist who created them on top of what the works reflect and make me think. I tried to witness the creative processes of the artists I liked as much as I could. Thus, my artistic journey gained more meaning.

Can Akgümüş - Aynanın Hafızası

When I take a look at artist selections in, Can Akgümüş’s Memory of the Mirror series, which tastes like oil paints, catches my eye first. It mirrored, cut, fragmented and reassembled. Can did a marvelous work.

Erdal İnci - Istiklal Street

Secondly, I would choose Istiklal Street among Erdal İnci’s beautiful works to add to my video-art collection, which I have collected with great pleasure for a long time and enriched with Alex Prager’s Face In The Crowd. It is a work that draws you in with an even stronger effect when you watch it with the effect of movement, rhythm and repetition.

Alican Leblebici - The New Order of Ages

Finally, since I have been following the works of Hayal İncedoğan for a long time, I would choose a neon-lit installation from him and a portrait from Alican Leblebici called The New Order of the Ages, which I think is very attractive.

Sanatı bir tik uzaklığımıza bu kadar kıymetli sanatçı kadrosu ile taşıdığı için ayrıca Artnivo ekibini tebrik ediyor, başarılar diliyorum.

Neslihan Karaağaç