Öner Kocabeyoğlu selected for you

Ali Şentürk - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Ali Şentürk is an artist I follow and also have his works in my collection. I appreciate and like the way of his multi-layered thinking process while producing his works. This work, with the same title with his exhibition, reminded me dramatically the forgotten lives in our busy life rhythm.

Leyla Emadi - THIS IS NOT A GUN

I think this work of Leyla Emadi explains clearly the terms exist today where knowledge and notions are manipulated and presented depended on profits and conditions.

Özge Topçu - Coop II

Our environment has been changing rapidly in the last 10 years. This active transformation presents inorganic and artificial new spaces imposed on people. Özge Topçu’s work makes me question about what is the effects of changing architectural structure: Does a coop loose meaning when it is built by high technology? Are we living in shining coops?


This work gives a great link to the monotony of human relationships which appear like they are so bright and lively; but in fact, people in society demonstrate reckless disregard for themselves.