Ozan Özer selected for you

“On examining the works that generally catch my attention, I see that their common denominator is that they conjure up memories from my past as well as the sentiments that these recollections evoke.”

Jacqueline Roditi - The Wall

Walls torn down, walls missing, walls demolished, only to be built again, become an indispensable part of the city. As witnesses to urban life and human traces, they’ve always piqued my interest. That is why among artnivo.com’s many talented photographers, Jacqueline Roditi’s “The Wall” is a work that captured my attention the most.

Zeynep Beler - Starfishes

While taking us from the monotony of everyday life to the carefree monotony of beach life, Zeynep Beler’s “Starfishes” does so provocatively.

Leyla Emadi - Stop

Leyda Emadi’s work “Stop” affected me as I perceived it as an allusion to the societal violence and pressure we face in our daily lives as well as the chaos wrought by politics.

Seçil Erel - Space 1

Seçil Erel’s “Space 1” is a work that excites me. Creating the impression of an interior through the artist’s use of layers of paint, it takes me back to my daydreaming instants and gives me déjà vu.