Peter D’autry selected for you

Sinem Karaduman - Untitled

I have already several works from Sinem Karaduman, an artist that plays, toys and pokes around with imagery and text in work that makes you smile, grin, wonder or all of those combined. There is a fluid, cartoonish freshness that provokes and arrests thought. Her work is both fun and serious, regardless if it conveys sensuality, politics, power or any other subject.

Ekin Su Koç - Guess Who I am

I do like this work because it mirrors a part of ourselves we hide and lock away from public view. It is a reminder we do not really know ourselves, if ever. Art can be a mirror that makes us look in directions we usually avoid, and reminds us that identity always depends on how we make our (unconscious) choices of being who we are.

C.M. Kösemen - Pink Teeth

Mehmet is someone I have known since he was a teenager, including the Iguana he kept for years in his bedroom. His wacky sense of humour and weird talent for self-promotion is reflected in his art, that is unique as it expresses the fascination of his inner child with unusual organic forms and topographies. 

Güneş Terkol - Untitled

I always liked a combination of simplicity, graphic design in an expression that approximates “art brut”. It conveys both authenticity and joyful irreverence to seriousness. In the end, it is what sanity is all about: your judgments don’t matter if our imagination is out of focus. Keep it real.

Damla Karadere -Untitled

Doors, windows, steps, spaces, construction artefacts are metaphors for the narratives we build for ourselves and that give our lives meaning. Life construction and deconstruction never cease. We do not see the world as it is, but we see it as we are. Hence knowledge is only possible when we become aware of our ignorance.