Selma Aygün selected for you

Can Akgümüş The Garden of Forgetting Series - Garden of Forgetting III

“The Garden of Forgetting” series makes an inquiry about the time and memory. Artist, recommend a presentation that freezes the traces of momentary existence to the audience; with the movement of time that changes every moment, where we are included even though it is stable, to which we belong; every moment which was happened, all the memories which would be impossible to be fully recorded to memory. All the photos in this series arouses similar feelings in me.

Özge Erginöz - The Beach Depression III

Many representatives of contemporary art, produce work themed examining the existential issues. Özge’s this work also makes us thinking about reflecting the confusing cases such as the identity in the banality of ordinary, everyday life; evolving to another identity, tranformation. It remind me the works of Anetta Messager which are in an effort to conceal the identity and which question the issues like forgery, emulation.

Sena - Hidden Universe

Sena is one of the rare artist who offers with a very simple narative, such an intense contents like women things, especially distorted by society, the social injuries such as body and the violence which has been taking place. In this work, too, the artist used her own very different and consistent characteristic language during the transportation of the sadness of reality to audience and its visualization.

Ali Bilge Akkaya - 1F

Ali Bilge Akkaya, whose another work i have added to my collection, performs a concise dialogue with the audience by using concepts far from fictiveness, such as freedom, equality, justice, human enlightenment, with an accidental creation, and a humanitarian, philosophical narrative. Besides, I like the emphasizing form of justice which is the symbol of my horoscope.


I come across the works of Özlem in ART15 Art Fair held in London last year and they aroused my attention. The artist offers some experiences which leave the audience alone with different interactions and mislead them, by using usually the space and different objects with light and color. Especially in the work named “Ladder”, she uses both natural and industrial materials. The construction of the work also provides different opportunities for exhibition.