Zülal Ulusan selected for you

Ülgen Semerci - VIEW

I chose this work because it uses the back side of the canvas, not the front and it breaks the usual patterns. It tells me that we should not be afraid of differences, that good things should not always be sought in ordinary places.


The fact that the female element is dominant in Sena’s production in general is a reason for preference for me. The stains on this work tells me about the existence of a healer who was injured in places but still continued to work. Just as every woman continues her duties and responsibilities of being a female, even if she is traumatized.

Eylül Ceren Ersöz - UNTITLED XXXIII

I like that Eylül’s works are generally about people or events that have been politically influential or directly affected by politics. It is a strong paradox that she prefers to say “untitled” instead of using their names in the work, while presenting these figures, most of which we are familiar with.


I loved that Ali’s ironic handling of a common problem faced by our country’s artists in this work. The name of the work and the fact that Ali’s mother and himself are the subject is the reason of choice for me.

Ahmet Rüstem Ekici - GİDENLER

The refugee problem, which we live as a striking and painful reality today, and which is not a remote possibility for any of us due to the geography we live in, is discussed in this work in a disturbing and colorful way.


Erdal has a very distinctive language in all of his works; You know who it is without seeing the signature. I specifically chose “Istiklal Street”, it is a very iconic street, the pulse of the city beats here. This video, on the other hand, belongs to a period of New Year’s enthusiasm that we have unfortunately forgotten.

Özge Topçu - COOP I

This work of Özge, made of steel wool, told me about our addictions in daily life, how these addictions surround us like a coop, and how we are enslaved by them.


This work tells me very simply that there is always another possibility and that you should never lose hope.

Selin Balcı - ARENA I

Selin’s works have a technique that fascinates me. She makes the shapes and colors she wants to give with formations that are simply mold for us. I chose this work especially for its colors.