Sartrean Existentialism in Digital Era

Ezelli’s thought-provoking exhibition invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, exploring the intricate relationship between the animate and inanimate, the individual and the cosmos, and the essence of human existence in digital age.

Marble sculptures, with their stoic presence and enduring beauty, embody Sartre’s concept of “being-in-itself,” where objects exist objectively, devoid of subjective consciousness. These timeless masterpieces stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time, reflecting the transient nature of human existence and the relentless march of the universe.

Through the lens of Sartrean Existentialism, Ezelli delves into the depths of freedom, choice, and responsibility, acknowledging the individual’s power to shape their own existence. Digital art eloquently captures the struggles and triumphs of human existence, the difficulties of decision-making, and the weight of bearing the consequences of our actions.

This exhibition demonstrates the symbiotic link between marble sculptures, digital art, and Sartrean Philosophy, each element enhancing and extending the others. Marble grounds us in the objective reality we live in, while digital art introduces a subjective element that lets us relate to the human experience on a deeper spectrum. Indeed, Ezelli’s background as a sculptor and his expertise with digital art blend this viewpoint into a fresh form.

When combined, these components produce a potent symphony of philosophy, art, and human experience that questions our conceptions of the inanimate, encourages us to see the humanity hidden within seemingly lifeless objects, and forces us to consider the big existential questions that are central to our existence.

Emin Altun, PhDc

Artist Statement

“Sartre’s existentialism is a philosophy that challenges us to confront our freedom and responsibility, embrace the absurdity of existence, and create a life of authenticity and meaning.
It is a call to live intentionally, to take ownership of our choices, and to contribute to a world that reflects our values and aspirations.
With this mindset I created my “humanisation” digital art concept based on monochromatic photographs which I collected all around the world and combined them with artificial intelligence (AI) programs to make them feel more human.”

Emre Ezelli, Bohemia – 2024

The artist featured in this exhibition:

Emre Ezelli