Sit, Stand, Walk!



Contemporary Art at Tuna Ofis

Sit, Stand, Walk!

23.11.2018 – 26.01.2019
Curated by Inez Piso

Fatma Çiftçi, Burak Delier, Nejbir Erkol, Okay Özkan, Belçim Yavuz

The exhibition Sit, Stand, Walk! takes place in the headquarters of Tuna Ofis, a company that designs and produces office furniture. Furniture and objects like these condition the way we work, sit, stand, walk, the way we separate the space and thus, the way we move and use the space on a daily basis in a working environment.

This exhibition discusses the hidden power relationships behind these objects, their forms and colors, but also the agenda behind the usage of certain words and sentences in the creation of a workspace. It questions the assumptions that are at play when designing and using a workspace regarding hierarchy, prejudgments and gender roles. The exhibition is about the appearance of innocence and modernity, where actually complex power relationships are at work.

Installations, video works, interventions, workshops and performances by the artists: Fatma Çiftçi, Burak Delier, Nejbir Erkol, Okay Özkan and Belçim Yavuz.

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