Return Policy

You can return the product you bought, in the same condition you received it, without damaging or breaking and without using, within seven (7) days from the date of delivery. Please return the product with a petition or return form containing the product invoice and order number.
You are obliged to make damage and deficiency control during the delivery of products you ordered, by opening the package in front of the cargo company official. In the case of a damaged product; the product should not be received and minutes should be kept to the cargo company official. Please keep in mind that once the package is received by the buyer, it is assumed that the cargo company has performed its full duty. 

The customer is obliged to return the product in the same condition he received it. 

In case the customer returns the product or uses his right of withdrawal, the sum of the product or products is returned to customer within 10 (ten) days from receipt of the items. The price of the returned product will be returned to you by your bank in 2 to 6 weeks. In this period, our company does not have any savings.

For the products complying with the return conditions stated above, the cargo fee shall be paid by the buyer. 

Wire transfer returns will be held in 2 working days and credit card returns will be held in 3 working days. Your bank may not reflect the refund on your credit card account on the same day. In this situation, you need to call the credit-card services of your bank. After you receive the "Canceled" warning regarding your order, the entire amount is returned to your credit card or to the bank that you have made a transfer from. Returns made on installment sales are reflected to your credit card monthly as a balance plus by your bank. 
The right to withdraw duration starts from the day the goods are delivered to the buyer. The delivery cost of the returned item/s is covered by the buyer.
In case the buyer uses the right of withdrawal, the seller shall refund the total price he has received, within ten days at the latest from the date of receipt of the invoice containing the notice of withdrawal.

The general return period is 7 days for each product received by mistake. During this time, the products which are opened, used, destroyed etc. are not accepted. Return must be made in original packaging.

If any opening, breakage, tearing, use and other similar conditions are detected in the product received by mistake and if the product is not returned in the same condition it was received, the product return will not be accepted and the price will not be refunded.

For product return, the situation should first be communicated to the customer service.

Returned product delivered to the seller shall be deemed as refundable if it satisfies the conditions specified in the CONTRACT at the SITE, and the refund shall be made to the buyer’s credit card/ account. Refund cannot be made without return of the product. The transfer duration of the credit card payments to credit card accounts is at the discretion of the concerned bank. 

If the shopping is made with credit card and paid by instalments, procedure for return to the credit card will be applied as follows:     the bank makes the repayment to the buyer in as many installments as the buyer has submitted for a purchase order. After the seller pays the entire amount of the product to the bank at one time, in case of refund of purchases by installments made from bank’s swiping machines, requested refund amounts are transferred by the bank to the bearer accounts in installments in order to prevent related parties from falling into victim status. 

In the event of return of the goods and services paid through a credit card, the seller may not return the collected amount in cash pursuant to its agreement with the bank. In accordance with the procedure of which the details are stated above, payment cannot be made in cash to the buyer because the merchant, i.e. the seller, shall make the refund through the related software when a refund transaction is involved and the merchant, i.e. the seller is obliged to pay the bank in cash or in account. 

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