gizem aksu

gizem aksu

Gizem Aksu (1987) is independent choreographer,dancer and instructor based in Istanbul. She graduated from Department of Political Science &International Relations, Bosphorus University and Department of 

Contemporary Dance, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with honor degrees. She continues both Proficiency in Art Programme and works as an instructor there.

She has worked with renowned choreographers; Aakash Odedra (UK), Ann Van den Broek (Ward/ward)

(BE), Aydın Teker (TR), Marc Vanruxt (BE), Sharon Hayes(US), Tijen Lawton (BE), Tuğçe Tuna (TR). As a dance and choreographer, she has participated into several festivals, residency programmes and quadriennial in Belgium, Crotia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

Recently, while she is performing her last solo work YUin Belgium and Turkey, she is touring in the world with Aakash Odedra Company (UK) and preparing for the performances of Hallo!By Aydın Teker in Tanz im August Festival. In addition to her artistic work, she iskeeping on her workshops, “How the Landscape My Body is?”, “Daily Rituals for Rebellion”, “Organic Wisdom” and bodily awareness workshops for LGBTQI+ people.


a silent party in an organic garden 



Let’s imagine a garden in which organic wisdom* cultivates the body-with-the-organs, vibrates the visceral presence and simultaneously presents multiple intensities from the deep-in-side of this body.


It seems difficult to grasp the visceral organs with the linguistic categories and socio-culturally produced attributions / challenges on body, such as in / out, visible / invisible, open / close, life / death, past / present, abject / beautiful, white / black, European / Asian, The West / The East, nude / veiled, dark / enlightened... As all these categories are coming closer to organs, there is something always gliding over the slippery ground of the visceral organs.  So, what kind of relationships could be discovered in a party in an organic garden? 


As a part of the recent research of the artist on visceral organs, this expanded performance** would be an attempt to think and sense the life with a reference to visceral organs.  With / in the silence of the muscular ground, it may be time for the organs to dance, shake and vibrate the word and world! 


*Organic wisdom is a concept proposed by the artist on the archaic, organic and spontaneous wisdom that the visceral organs constantly offer to the life. 

**Expanded performance is a concept proposed by the artist in order to emphasize the collaboration of performance, cinema, cartoon in a dialogue with expanded cinema.


Concept & Direction and Performance:Gizem Aksu

Thanks to Cıplak Ayaklar Studio

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Organik bahçede sessiz bir parti

Organik bahçede sessiz bir parti Gizem Aksu

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Organik bahçede sessiz bir parti Gizem Aksu

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