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Oğulcan Sürmeli

Oğulcan Sürmeli

Oğulcan Sürmeli(b.95) practices on "meaning" in his works. Various productions of the artist can be evaluated as an expression of the spirit. Examining the loss of meaning caused by the divine reflection of human is a fundamental issue for the artist.

Sürmeli strengthens the infrastructure technically in those disciplines with which discipline he will be able to directly transfer the connections it establishes with regard to spirit and daily life. Thus, he creates artistic evaluations by subjecting the experiences and values of the geography he is in and turning it into metaphors.

By virtue of their unlikely pairing, Sürmeli weighs the daily life image against the painted image, unpacking their inherent value systems and adjusting his practice to mirror the collective nous of his subjects and the plastic spaces they inhabit.

The plastic language of the artist, offers a perspective where we can also relate figuratively to the reality behind what appears on the city streets with issues that are prevented - indirectly - from thinking. Sürmeli continues to produce plastic arts in Bodrum and Istanbul now.

Artweeks Akaretler, Bilgili Holding-UBS 2022

Ambidexter Gallery, Manual of a Hearth 2022

Contemporary Istanbul 17th Edition 2022

Contemporary Istanbul - CI Bloom 2022 - Tershane, Istanbul 2022

Haze Gallery Berlin, 3D Exhibition - Give Art a Chance 2022

Ambidexter Gallery, Ambidextrous Group Show 2020

(11) Presented by QNB & SAMSUNG, Materpiece Gallery 2020

The Arthouse, The Root Hotel, Bodrum 2019

9.99 - Dose Art Space Solo Show 2019

The Other Art Fair Presented by Saatchi, London 2019

Artnivo - Live Performance, Point Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul 2019

Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Exhibition 2018

Turkey Intercollegiate Council of Fine Arts, Honers Graduates Exhibition 2018