SABO’s new exhibition “Time Machine” at Versus Art Project

Versus Art Project is hosting SABO’s new exhibition “Time Machine” between June 3 – July 10. Based on the fiction of past, present and future, the exhibition opens the doors of a journey through time with the help of the artist’s figures.

We live in days when the concept of time loses its meaning for many of us and becomes blurry. We struggle to be / stay in the “moment” just enough to complain that we cannot catch the time or that time does not pass in anyway. SABO approaches it from this point of view and goes out of the “moment”, looks at the concept of time from a holistic perspective and combines it on a single plane by establishing connections between tenses.

The fantastic and fictional world of the artist that we are used to, greets us in his second solo exhibition “Time Machine” at the Versus Art Project. SABO’s sketchbooks and drawings are the starting point of the exhibition. Within the scope of the exhibition, the imagination of the artist, who creates a fictional cycle by using pieces from his own life with the aura of time and space, reminds us of the irony of time.