A photograph is not an opinion. Or is it?

05.01.2016 – 06.03.2016

Melis Terzioğlu’s Selection


A photograph is not an opinion. Or is it? *
Photography is still treated as the stepchild among the various branches of visual art. We can all play at being “photographers” in this age that we all have digital cameras or to be even more on point, cameraphones, and access to all kinds of Photoshop and Instagram filters. Each of us carries within Instagram-celebrity potential or, at least, is made to believe so. In an age where an “anyone can do that” sensibility prevails and people think they immortalize what they see with a click when they actually consume it in an instant, we need photography as an art now more than ever.

Photography’s modest journey that began with the infixing of the image in the viewfinder or, in classical terms, “freezing the moment”, has today assumed quite different dimensions. It stretches into the ability to create a “reality” that no longer exists. Out of this small selection, we prefer to refer to both Nazif Topcuoğlu or Ali Bilge Akkaya, who only use the medium of photography, and Volkan Aslan or Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, whose methods encompass various mediums such as sculpture, video, and neon as well as photography, as artists rather than photographers. Each person included here has capabilities such as transforming, creating, bringing out of nonexistence and appropriating the “moment”, which set their work apart from Instagram or safari photographs. Taking a step, inch by inch, towards discovering all these ideas, is enough to take us on a spectacular visual and mental journey. I hope this selection offers the chance to open the door on the journey if only a little.

*On Photography by Susan Sontag, ISBN: 0385267061


Melis Terzioğlu