Curator Huma Kabakçı

Artists Sibel Diker, Işıl Eğrikavuk, Hale Güngör Oppenheimer, Gül Ilgaz, Radhika Khimji, Suzanne Moxhay, Jacqueline Roditi, Serkan Taycan & Seçkin Uysal.

The exhibition “inside out” aims to explore the diverse views of artists exploring interior and exterior spaces in their practice.

Humans have inhabited spaces for centuries and by doing this they have been continuously reconstructing and transforming them. The ever-changing relationship between urban and rural spaces has a huge influence on future projections and the people who are affected by these processes of transformation. In the 21st century context, we live in a post-industrial and capitalist world where there is constant strive for change and where materialism is of importance. We leave our imprint for the better or the worse. The exhibition “inside out” aims to explore the diverse views and approaches of artists exploring and critiquing the issues of gentrification, the transformation and reconstruction of both interior and exterior spaces.

The artist featured in this exhibition:

Gül Ilgaz

Jacqueline Roditi

Radhika Khimji

Suzanne Moxhay