Never Was I Pure, Nor Did I Want To Be

Sesil Beatris Kalaycıyan’s painting series titled “Never Was I Pure, Nor Did I Want To Be” is a contemporary parody of biblical paintings. It contains many layers of meaning and many symbols. The common point in all the paintings is the gold faced girl figures in the center of each painting. A face does not need a face that is distinctive and descriptive. A portrait covered with gold leaf not only emphasizes the sanctity of the figure, but also refers to the tradition of depiction, that is, the understanding that all personalization is prohibited and that every figure is created from a template. In the paintings in the series, elements of our ethnic identity such as the sacred bird, fish, pomegranate tree and authority figures are fictionalized in metropolitan scenes. With the motifs of ethnic origin, the position of today’s people in society has entered into a surreal arrangement.

The artist featured in this exhibition:

Sesil Beatris Kalaycıyan