Artists: Uğur Altun, Tuğçe Evirgen, Göksu Gül, Opashona Ghosh, Merve Morkoç, C.M. Kösemen, Nazlı Eda Noyan, SENA, Ahmet Özcan, Meltem Şahin, Aslı Smith, Belmin Pilevneli ve Marga Patterson

Curator: Yonca Keremoğlu


“We are revived as we shed our souls.
We are then no more weak solutions, nor melting fragile things.
No, we are at the becoming phase of transformation.” *

Then let’s transform as we become / and wake up to eternity…

In her book “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, Clarissa P. Estes writes about the cycle of “life / death / life” and how to face this fact. Having neither a beginning nor an end, this cycle is based on constant transformation. It’s only after we adopt this rhythm of “life / death / life” that everything falls in place. We then have a better view of the big picture, and are born anew everyday. We find our place in this cycle and begin to transform into new places, new people and new things. Just as how points come together to make lines with no beginning and no end, we approach the eternity with each small detail and finally become the eternity itself.

“In Transit” presents a selection of illustrations from 13 artists, each of whom deal with the transition between becoming and transformation.

The exhibition comprises:
SENA’s “Me & You”, “Waiting For You” and “Counting Days” from her series of etchings entitled “Adam and Eve”,
Göksü Gül’s new experiments in ink with pink details, “Pig I”, “Pig II”, “Bat” and “Playing Pigs” which she’s shown at the University of Cincinnati last month as a guest artist,
Aslı Smith’s series of ink drawings entitled “Hidden Expressions” that investigate the sonic potential of daily objects, spaces and interactions,
Ahmet Özcan’s monsters from his Anthropomorphic Series,
C.M. Kösemen’s creatures in his works “A World of Color A” and “A World of Color B”,
Opashona Ghosh’s characters and colorful abstract landscapes,
Nazlı Eda Noyan’s “Minority” and “It” in which lines are transformed into familiar figures,
Belmin Pilevneli’s “A Night Full of Moon” series,
Merve Morkoç’s “Melt”,
Tuğçe Evirgen’s “Two People” and “I’m Seeing The Lines in Between”,
Uğur Altun’s “Kamchatka”, “Obsession” and “Torment”,
Marga Patterson’s “Get Your Magic On”,
and Meltem Şahin’s “Two of the Three”, “The Pink Flesh Epidemic” and “Once I had a Plant called Kim Ki Duk” collage works.

Yonca Keremoğlu


*Clarissa P. Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves, 1992

The artist featured in this exhibition:

Ahmet Özcan

Aslı Smith

Belmin Pilevneli

C.M. Kösemen

Nazlı Eda Noyan

Tuğçe Evirgen

Uğur Altun