The submarine that minds its own business

24.11 – 09.12.2016

Curator: Ezel Akay


Deniz Ayral possesses a “creative engine” that operates with obstinacy, desire, intolerance, sincerity and conscience! He’s the most prolific, “hardworking”, independent artist I know; an artist who defends his freedom in a “stingy” way, works far away and alone, forgets that he hates loneliness and “minds his own business”.

Those who have acquired his paintings still live with those paintings on their walls. I think the relationship he establishes with the soul and the subconsciousness of viewers results from his successful attempt at an “obsessive connection”.

His series “After Me, The Deluge”, “There’s a Mass in My Brain” and “Lost Time” have something in common: they move! Each painting implies the events before and after the moment it depicts: Moving Pictures!

Deniz Ayral is the painter of subconscious raised to the level of the conscious; he’s the painter of nonsense, impressions, irony, phantasm and “the future in the past”. Subconsciousness can sometimes be seen as a “novel of secret life” which follows, like a shadow, individuals submerged in their lives, and which is accessible usually only to artists, and sometimes to psychology.

Ayral creates paintings, collages, digital paintings and “retouched photos” with a magical awareness of his subconscious. The works create a conceptual space with their names and attempt to reach the word-free domain of philosophy. Therefore we should call all his works “SUBMARINES”!
Let’s see which adventures await our protagonist!

Ezel Akay